[Parentsgroup-list] a little crimson coverage

Ryan Larsen rlarsen at deas.harvard.edu
Mon May 16 12:21:24 EDT 2005

The Crimson just had another article about undergraduate opposition to the =
Cowperthwaite graduate housing project.  This time they had some quotes fro=
m some graduate students, including Tonya and me.   The Crimson editors are=
 also considering publishing the letter written by some of us as an op-ed. =
 (This is the same letter than Tonya e-mailed to all of you).  If you have =
time and interest, please take a minute and write a note to the Crimson let=
ting them know what you think.  Your letter may be published, you may be co=
ntacted for an interview, and at least the editors will get the message tha=
t graduate students want  affordable housing closer to campus, and that we =
don't appreciate undergrads who would deny us that in order to avoid constr=
uction noise, etc.    =


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