[Parentsgroup-list] my intro and preliminary thoughts on lists

Jenny Kirsten Ataoguz jksmith at fas.harvard.edu
Mon May 9 14:18:34 EDT 2005

> My intro:
> my name is Kirsten, and I am a G8 in the department of History of Art and 
> Architecture.  I work on a ca. 800 CE program of frescoes in a church in a 
> far corner of Switzerland.  I may have one more year, or two.
> I have a 20 month old daughter, Lidie, and we live with my husband Cem 
> (pronounced gem) in Fribourg, Switzerland.
> My greatest struggle is to find the time.  I currently have three 
> different students who come to watch Lidie while I work, adding up to only 
> about 7 hours each week.  My husband watches Lidie one afternoon and one 
> morning each week, and I try to work during naps.  And on weekends I just 
> want to relax with my family.
> About sub-lists:
> from the initial response to my email, it seems there could be interest in 
> two different groups, one of which may fall within this original 
> parentsgroup.  first, there seems to be demand for those who live in 
> Cambridge, for a network for coordinating playdates, cooperative 
> babysitting arrangements, etc.  as I do not live in Cambridge, I am not 
> the best person for coordinating this.  But how I do wish I could 
> participate!
> The second group would serve the same function as the group at the Bureau 
> of Study Counsel 
> (http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~bsc/grpwrk.html#dissertation: "This group 
> provides an opportunity for GSAS, HGSE, and KSG students to engage with 
> each other in discussion of their dissertation work in a group context and 
> to gain emotional and intellectual encouragement from others struggling 
> with the writing process. The group may elect to continue to meet without 
> the leaders after the planned six weeks.") but less formally and without a 
> moderator (but perhaps we could solicit someone from the bureau). Ours 
> would obviously address our specific challenges (finding time, maintaining 
> balance, coping with the difficulties of non-parental childcare) as well 
> as writerly issues.  I am interested in an electronic forum because I do 
> not live in Cambridge, and i must make a conscious effort not to be 
> isolated intellecutally.  But I imagine that most everyone else can only 
> spare so much time away from their children, so an on-line forum may be 
> preferable for others as well.
> So perhaps someone else would like to coordinate a playgroup list, if it 
> would only be a fraction of this original parentsgroup list, and I will 
> gladly coordinate the dissertation writers' support group.
> Any thoughts?
> Kirsten 

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