[Parentsgroup-list] Roll Call? and an Idea

Liang Luo luo at fas.harvard.edu
Mon May 9 12:06:06 EDT 2005

Dear Kirsten,
I am very interested in the idea of a dissertation supporting group with
graduate parents. I am a G6 in East Asian Languages and Civilizations
with a soon 3 year old daughter. My dissertation is about
Chinese-Japanese cultural interactions in the early twentieth century,
with a focus on the influence of Japanese modernity on Chinese
nationalism. I'd love to get together to chat about life and work in
Thanks for the initiative!
Liang Luo
Ph.D. Candidate
East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Harvard University
2 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge MA 02138
617-495-0606 (office)

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Dear All,
I don't know if there may be too many of us on this list to do this
but perhaps we could do a roll call, to introduce ourselves (name,
department, dissertation topic, etc).

Also, I would personally be interested in forming a dissertation writing

support on-line group/list made up of students who are also parents, 
specifically for writers in the humanities.  I don't have any specific
about what it would involve, but just perhaps a place to share ideas of
to maintain balance, how to motivate, or even perhaps to share segments
the text.

Kirsten Ataoguz
Art History, G8 

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