Pär Cassel pcassel at fas.harvard.edu
Mon May 9 11:03:51 EDT 2005

Hi Kara,

Congratulations on you victory! Thanks for sharing this with us, this sound=
 very encouraging to me and Liang, since we are dealing with some funding p=
roblems right now.

On your last question, I want to say that it is possible to do research abr=
oad with kids, but it is tough. Me and Liang brought Ingrid when we did our=
 dissertation research in China and Japan for more than a year, as well as =
staying in Sweden for about two months. I was very worried in the beginning=
, but once we hit the road we managed to sort things out as we went along. =
If you have any questions about kids and research travel, please feel free =
to ask!

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