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Ryan Larsen rlarsen at deas.harvard.edu
Mon May 2 11:33:36 EDT 2005

Hi Fellow parents and prospective parents,

Thanks to all who attended our first meeting yesterday afternoon.  We gener=
ated a lot of ideas and people seemed willing to work to make this a succes=
sful organization.  Thanks again to Christine for her work and vision in ge=
tting this started.

I am including a forwarded message below about a very important survey abou=
t family and child care issues for all of Harvard at http://harvard.stsrese=

This survey is put together by Bright Horizons, a company that has been hir=
ed by Harvard to student child care issues University-wide.  They conducted=
 the recent focus groups that some of you attended and now they have prepar=
ed this survey.  We hope that you can find the time before May 8 to complet=
e the survey since this could bring some better benefits to student and pos=
t-doc parents if the administration understands the needs.  =

This suvey is not created by our group, but we will probably do a survey of=
 our own after this survey is over.  I have solicited help with this from y=
ou and I'll soon be contacting those who kindly offered to help.  =


>>Dear Colleague,
>>I am writing to request that you encourage your constituents -- employees
>>and graduate/professional students alike -- to participate in a
>>university-wide family-care survey. This survey is part of an assessment
>>designed to deepen the University=E2?Ts understanding of the challenges =

>>families face as they integrate family with work or study.
>>The survey is currently available online at =

>>It must be completed by midnight on May 8th when the survey closes.
>>Faculty, staff and graduate/professional students will receive a mailed
>>reminder postcard about the survey, but I am hoping you can stress the
>>importance of their participation.
>>Family-care issues affect the entire Harvard community and because of that
>>we would like to hear from as many people as possible. Please encourage
>>your constituents to take this opportunity to describe the challenges of
>>caring for family members, young and old, while working or studying.
>>Harvard's Standing Committee on the Use of Human Subjects, the
>>Institutional Review Board for the greater Cambridge campus, has reviewed
>>and approved this project. The Office of Work/Life Resources =

>>worklife at harvard.edu) is available to address any questions you may have.
>>They are also able to assist those who do not have regular computer access
>>or who need help completing the survey in English.
>>Thank you for your assistance.
>>Marilyn Hausammann
>>Vice President for Human Resources
>>Harvard University, Massachusetts Hall
> Kate Emans
> Doctoral Candidate
> Program in Political Economy and Government
> Harvard University
> 617-733-2039
> emans at fas.harvard.edu
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