[Parentsgroup-list] Open meeting with President Summers TOMORROW

Christine Dianne Wenc wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Sun May 1 23:41:16 EDT 2005

Dear all,

The Graduate Student Council is sponsoring an open meeting with Pres Larry
Summers tomorrow at 5:15 in Dudley House.  It would be great if we could
get a good parental turnout.  Right now we are only planning to ask
the basic question: "How many grad student parents are there at Harvard?  How
can we find out if you don't know?" but perhaps some of you might have
other questions as well.  I do ask that we keep things civil and polite;
as my grandmother used to say, you catch a lot more flies with honey than
with vinegar.  (and catching flies is what we're all about...)    Also
keep in mind that we are actively pursuing our primary goals and hope to
meet with Summers at some point in the near future to discuss them with

I also think bringing your kids would be just fine.

The meeting today went well.  A copy of our draft mission statement will
follow--please give us your comments!  We are excited about the potential
for this group.

Here is the text of the GSC announcement:

The Graduate Student Council presents

MAY 2, 2005
5:15 - 6.45pm
DUDLEY COMMON ROOM (Second Floor, Lehman Hall)

This is a rare opportunity to come with your questions, on anything and
everything, for President Summers.

If you ask a question, there'll also be a chance to respond to President
Summers' answer, should you want to do so - and so have a productive

And if you have a question but would rather not ask it yourself, do let us
know at gsc at hcs.harvard.edu, and someone will ask it on your behalf.

Desserts and drinks will be served.

All our best,

The GSC team

Graduate Student Council            \\         gsc at hcs.harvard.edu
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences  //         Phone #: (617) 495-7512
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