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Sat Jun 25 17:02:45 EDT 2005

Dear parents,

The grad parent advocacy group's steering committee has put together a shor=
t set
of survey questions for Harvard's grad student parents.  This is a PRELIMIN=
survey--a more detailed survey will be administered this fall during
registration.  The purpose of the preliminary survey is to obtain a clearer
picture of what Harvard grad student parents may be facing financially and
academically, and what Harvard might be able to do to help prior to the
upcoming academic year.

This initial survey is a very important first step toward obtaining access =
greater resources for grad student parents at Harvard. We are in a crucial
window of opportunity right now to have these needs considered as part of t=
work of the Women's Task Forces on science & engieering and on women
faculty--the formal comment period on their findings ends on June 30, and we
want to make sure grad student parents have their say.

Though these are "women's" task forces, we believe that the needs of fathers
must also be taken into account--so please don't feel you are being exclude=
d if
you are not a woman!  The goal of the task forces, and one of our goals, is=
make Harvard a more family-friendly place for everyone, and we urge all fat=
to complete the survey.

Along with reporting back to the task forces, we will also be using these
results to work with the GSAS deans for possible changes for the 2005-06
academic year.

Because of software issues, we were not able to make this survey available
anonymously via the web.  Thus, we are doing it simply via email--the survey
email will follow this one.  If you want to remain anonymous but still want=
complete the preliminary survey, you may bring hard copies of your response=
s to
the History of Science department on the 4th floor of the Science Center and
drop them off with the receptionist there on Monday or Tuesday.

We realize everyone is very busy, but it is very important that as many of =
us as
possible complete this preliminary survey.  If anything is going to happen =
September, we must have your responses now.

Please answer the questions and send them back to Christine at
wenc at fas.harvard.edu by next Tuesday, June 28 at 8 pm.  Please write as lit=
or as much as you'd like for each question.  Your individual experiences are
very important in convincing the administration that things need to change.

In order to see what is available elsewhere for grad parents, attached is a=
of Berkeley's guide to resources for student parents.  Also see this link to
Harvard's office of Work/Life resources available to employees--but not grad
students (including a child care scholarship). http://atwork.harvard.edu/

Alas, we are not giving away an iPod...but we do appreciate your responses =
the time it takes to give them very much!

Christine, Ryan, Tonya, Par, Liang, & Brandeis

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