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From: Holly Kreider <kreideho at gse.harvard.edu>
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Subject: Babysitter needed

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an afterschool babysitter for this fall. I'm pretty

* my house or theirs (I live in Cambridgeport near Trader Joe's)
* could do 2, 3 or 5 afternoons a week from 2:30-5:30 (they would need to
pick up my 4-yr old daughter from school at Amigos on Putnam)
* competitive rate
* Spanish-speaking preferred

I'd appreciate any leads others may have.

Many thanks,
Holly Kreider

On Sat, 4 Jun 2005 05:58:16 -0400
  "Tonya Cropper" <tonya_cropper at ksgphd.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Thanks for the information Segal.
> Our biggest weapon in approaching the university is information. We need student parents to 
>assist in gathering information. We are currently researching what resources and subsidies other 
>major universities (private and public) avail to their student parents. We believe that Harvard 
>is currently at the bottom of the scale when it comes to support of its student parents. But, we 
>need to back this belief up with facts. We would like to go to Larry Summers with a comprehensive 
>plan why Harvard may lose its competitive edge in attracting the best graduate students.
> We are researching three specific areas - housing, health care, and childcare resources. As we 
>all know, currently Harvard's affiliated housing apartments are limited, priced at a market rate 
>(actually some feel the rents are higher), and provide no consideration in the lottery for 
>graduate student parents. But, this is not the case at some of Harvard's peer institutions. 
>Likewise, Harvard's childcare facilities are very expensive and have a long waiting list. 
>Graduate student parents are not able to apply for the very limited scholarships currently 
>available to faculty and staff. As Segal mentioned, MIT a few minutes away from Harvard offers a 
>substantial amount of support to graduate student for childcare assistance. Some student parents 
>may not need assistance for a childcare center. Schools like Berkeley offers its graduate student 
>parents (those who financially qualify) a subsidy of $6000 to use for childcare, housing, or 
>health care. Harvard's dependent healthcare plan is very expensive. I cannot afford it for my 
>daughter and she currently is covered by MassHealth. I've found out that I am not alone. Other 
>student parents at Harvard have to rely on the state for assistance.
> During the summer we hope to continue our research on comparison of resources from other major 
>universities. If you would like to provide information on a certain school, please direct us to 
>the website (we need to assure that the information is accurate to a certain date). If you would 
>like to assist us in collecting information, until we can set up website easily to communicate 
>this information please email me (cropper at fas.harvard.edu). Christine Wenc is steering the 
>childcare resource comparison. Ryan Larsen is steering the healthcare comparison and I (Tonya 
>Cropper) am steering the housing comparison. Christine and Ryan are on vacation for the next two 
>and four weeks respectively.
> Thanks again,
> Tonya
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> Did you know MIT has $300,000 a year for supporting
> graduate students who's kids go to MIT affiliated daycare.
> A PhD student I know got $10,000 of help this year.
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