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Thanks for the information Segal.

Our biggest weapon in approaching the university is information. We need 
student parents to assist in gathering information. We are currently 
researching what resources and subsidies other major universities (private 
and public) avail to their student parents. We believe that Harvard is 
currently at the bottom of the scale when it comes to support of its student 
parents. But, we need to back this belief up with facts. We would like to go 
to Larry Summers with a comprehensive plan why Harvard may lose its 
competitive edge in attracting the best graduate students.

We are researching three specific areas - housing, health care, and 
childcare resources. As we all know, currently Harvard's affiliated housing 
apartments are limited, priced at a market rate (actually some feel the 
rents are higher), and provide no consideration in the lottery for graduate 
student parents. But, this is not the case at some of Harvard's peer 
institutions. Likewise, Harvard's childcare facilities are very expensive 
and have a long waiting list. Graduate student parents are not able to apply 
for the very limited scholarships currently available to faculty and staff. 
As Segal mentioned, MIT a few minutes away from Harvard offers a substantial 
amount of support to graduate student for childcare assistance. Some student 
parents may not need assistance for a childcare center. Schools like 
Berkeley offers its graduate student parents (those who financially qualify) 
a subsidy of $6000 to use for childcare, housing, or health care. Harvard's 
dependent healthcare plan is very expensive. I cannot afford it for my 
daughter and she currently is covered by MassHealth. I've found out that I 
am not alone. Other student parents at Harvard have to rely on the state for 

During the summer we hope to continue our research on comparison of 
resources from other major universities. If you would like to provide 
information on a certain school, please direct us to the website (we need to 
assure that the information is accurate to a certain date). If you would 
like to assist us in collecting information, until we can set up website 
easily to communicate this information please email me 
(cropper at fas.harvard.edu). Christine Wenc is steering the childcare resource 
comparison. Ryan Larsen is steering the healthcare comparison and I (Tonya 
Cropper) am steering the housing comparison. Christine and Ryan are on 
vacation for the next two and four weeks respectively.

Thanks again,


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Did you know MIT has $300,000 a year for supporting
graduate students who's kids go to MIT affiliated daycare.
A PhD student I know got $10,000 of help this year.

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