[Parentsgroup-list] Please Help Parents At Harvard

Brandeis McBratney-Owen mcbratn at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Jul 31 13:52:38 EDT 2005

Dear Colleagues-

This is plea to all on this list to please remain involved with the Parents'

Yes, much on the political front can divide us, but it very clear that relative
to other countries the US does not have a lot of 'family values' policy in
place despite 'family values' rhetoric being a huge part of the lingo coming
from ALL corners of the political spectrum.  Feminists, red and blue
politicians, green groups, and so on all support 'family values' in their
speeches and platforms, but very little is being done in this country regarding
policy from governmental institutions to private businesses to support those
values.  And, according to the French article, we will best be able to put our
money where our mouths are when the policy is in place----than we can all live
those 'family values' instead of just talking and dreaming about them.

So let's start at Harvard---our families and our selves as students need the
support right in our own little corner of the country.  Maybe we can set an
example for other Ivy Leagues and the rest of the nation.

And I just need to add that besides your job being help for you for a year while
you are on maternity leave in Australia, you also get $3000 AUD (that is about
$2250 in US) for the birth of each child.  Not too shabby!

Most sincerely,
Brandeis McBratney-Owen

Brandeis McBratney-Owen
Ph.D. Candidate
Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Department of Oral and Developmental Biology
188 Longwood Avenue, 4th floor
Boston, MA 02115

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