[Parentsgroup-list] A call for moderation...

Christine Dianne Wenc wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 29 17:49:28 EDT 2005

Okay, sorry about that.  In the interests of making this a useful forum
for information useful to parents as such (and not a format for political
debate--or child-rearing techniques, which we haven't even BEGUN to
broach and which would probably be far more likely to start a fistfight),
I think we'd better make a rule that all posts to this list must
be on the topic of parenting at Harvard and perhaps peer institutions, and
that's it.  Suggestions and requests for housing, physicians etc are also
welcome, and I also think the results of any studies looking at
parenthood in academia are also appropriate.
But I will now promise to keep my trap shut about politics, and hopefully
you will too.

If anyone is interested in the other subjects, maybe we can sponsor a
little conference or discussion at some point.  (Pro/anti-Ferberizing
bakeoff, maybe?)  ('Ferberizing' is also known as 'crying it out,' in case
you didn't know, and pretty much epitomizes the two widely diverging
branches of infant care philosophy, much like the red and blue states
diverge on other things.)

Thanks to those of you who responded.


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