[Parentsgroup-list] new member with same old requests

Christine Dianne Wenc wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 8 22:14:01 EDT 2005

Thought I'd pass along some of what I sent to Doug.

Apartments & child care: Craigslist.  (of course)

Also for apartments: I recommend a broker who really helped me out once at
Metro Realty in Cambridge--Paul Kelley, 617-868-0033.
http://www.metrorealtycorp.com/index.html  Landlords now often pay half or
all the fee because of the softening market--and deleaded apartments are
often only found through brokers.

For child care: Don't forget the undergrad child care listings (undergrads
looking for child care/babysitting jobs): Go to
and Search Student Skills.  I found a great undergrad in the extension
school to babysit this way--unfortunately she had to stop when I moved out
of Cambridge (sniff) because of the commute.  You can also post an ad here
for students to respond to.

I am currently doing a nanny share with another family--this is a good way
for your kid to get some almost-indivudal attention :) and only have to
pay half or so of what it would normally cost you.  There are often ads on
Craigslist for nanny shares.

Hope this can help someone!

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