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Kara Swanson kswanson at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 30 15:45:05 EDT 2005

Dear All,

See the recent announcement of openings in the preschool room at =

Technology Children's Center at MiT.  It ain't cheap, but it is a good =

center -- my daughter is a happy graduate.  And they have beautiful new =

specially designed space in the Stata Center.

When there are openings, you don't need any MIT affiliation, although of =

course MIT people generally get preference.



To Whom it May Concern:

The Technology Children's Center at Eastgate (building E55) is pleased =

to announce a few openings in its pre-school classroom (children 2 years =

9 months to 5 years). 3 & 5 day programs are available, beginning =

immediately. =

Please visit our web site at http://web.mit.edu/mitchildcare/ for =

program information.  Please contact me as soon as possible for =

enrollment and scholarship information.

Best Regards,

Doug Elder
Assistant to the Executive Director
Technology Children's Center
(617) 253-1285

On 8/27/2005 5:24 PM, Christine Dianne Wenc wrote:

>Hi all--a rather less serious post...I'm a devoted shopper at the Land's
>End Overstocks web site and they have very cute & hip kids' "not quite
>perfect" tennnies on sale now for $7.50.  You can also sometimes get very =
lucky &
>score new winter coats for $12, that sort of thing, though stuff like
>that sells out very quickly.  I don't know about
>Land's End's labor practices, so am just telling myself that they don't
>employ children to make these children's clothes.  A nice break from the
>usual thrift shop/garage sale routine, anyway.
>have fun, Christine
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