[Parentsgroup-list] Treasurer needed

Christine Dianne Wenc wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Aug 21 23:27:12 EDT 2005

Dear parents,

We are in the process of finishing up our official GSAS group application
so that we can get recognition, funding, etc. However, we need to have
officers listed on the application, and right now no one in the steering
committee is able to take on the job of treasurer.

Would anyone like to volunteer for this job for the upcoming school year?
I am not entirely sure what it will involve yet, but there will be some
actual managing of money, keeping track of funding & bank balance, etc.
We're not talking big bucks here, but we do need someone responsible &
willing to pay attention.

Please email me privately if you are interested and we can meet to talk
about it.


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