[Parentsgroup-list] walden post-script

Anna Shusterman anna.shusterman at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 11:52:43 EDT 2005

Hi all,
Only a few of us made it to Walden Pond, from what I could tell. I hung a =

red umbrella upside down from a tree hoping that people would see it, and =

strolled around with it a bit, but no other Harvard people approached me. I =

just wanted to say sorry if we missed you or if you didn't see us; please =

let me know if that happened, so we can figure out a better way to find eac=
h =

other next time. =

If you didn't make it, we'll just have to plan to do it again sometime. It =

was perfectly lovely weather and very enjoyable for the few of us who were =

Hope to see you at the picnic!
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