[Parentsgroup-list] Need a Parent Volunteer to be Picnic Co-Organizor

Brandeis McBratney-Owen mcbratn at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 19 12:14:33 EDT 2005

Hi everyone-
We're planning a Harvard Student Parents' Group Picnic for late September and
need some help organizing this event.

So far I've submitted an event application to Dean's office and am now working
on the financial support, but I need another person to help me organize things.
I imagine needing to contact people, arrange catering, organize equipment, and
being present and running the event for the entire picnic (3 hours on a
Saturday---with your family of course)---need co-organizor to do likewise. Is
anyone interested?

Hope Walden was fun!


Brandeis McBratney-Owen
Ph.D. Candidate
Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Department of Oral and Developmental Biology
188 Longwood Avenue, 4th floor
Boston, MA 02115

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