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Ryan Larsen rlarsen at deas.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 4 10:47:22 EDT 2005

hello group,

Christine, Tonya, Brandeis and I are trying to complete an application to b=
e an official student group.
I have the job of making a list of our membership, which is required for th=
e application.  If you would like to be listed as an official group member,=
 please send me me you name, email address, and school, and include "member=
ship" in the subject line.  Getting a good count of interested people will =
help us propose a budget for next year. If you want to help organize activi=
ties or be an officer, write to Christine and/or Tonya.   Also, since this =
will be a grad student organization, post-docs aren't allowed to be "offici=
al" members but they are of course more then welcome to participate in the =
list, come to activities, help plan things, etc.  =

Also, if you find that the many emails posted to the list are filling up yo=
ur inbox too much you can have them "bundled" to be delivered at once in a =
single email for the day.  Go to the mail-list website listed below and at =
the bottom of all emails posted to the list and sign-on (you can have your =
randomly assigned password emailed to you), go to options and enable the "b=
undling" option.  I have done it myself so that I can get my work done duri=
ng the day!


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