[Parentsgroup-list] Family Practitioner

Candice M. Etson etson at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Aug 3 09:54:55 EDT 2005

Hi, all.

I have been seeing Drs. London and Vandenheuvel of Alliance Healthcare at 200
Harvard St. in Brookline, since I arrived here 2 years ago. This is a family
practice, so my 7 year old daughter sees Dr. Vandenheuvel, and Dr. London is
going to deliver my second child in February. They are both very warm, and have
relaxed and friendly bedside manner, and will take the time to just talk to you
about your concerns. I especially like the fact that Dr. V. talks directly to
my daughter during her visits, since she is old enough to understand a lot of
what is going on and describe how she feels, and is likely to feel offended if
we talk over her head. The always have someone on call, and will return your
page quite quickly - usually in 5 minutes - no matter what time it is. They are
on the BCBS provider list, and Dr. V. moolights at HUHS, so any prescriptions
written by her can be filled at their pharmacy.

The other really great thing about this practice is that they have a nurse
practitioner on duty on the weekends. This is not just for urgent situations.
If you don't have time to come in during the week, you can make an appointment
with her for most routine issues. As my daughter and I both have asthma, this
is important because we often need to be checked out during cold season.

Hope this is helpful to some of you.
Candice Etson

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