[Parentsgroup-list] good pediatrician??

Rub én Gaztambide-Ferná ndez gaztamru at gse.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 2 18:14:37 EDT 2005

Christine (and all),

Your email made me wonder whether most parents on this list and at Harvard
in general are aware of the excellent free health care coverage provided for
minors by the state of MA through MassHealth.

The information can be found at:


Some of the programs are income eligible and others are not. Though most
families on a graduate student budget are likely to qualify for the income
contingent programs, which are excellent. I hope this doesn't send the list
on another wild round of emails about the importance of public health care,
particularly for children! But I thought it was important to let you all
know about MassHealth as an option to the very expensive and not so great
HUHS. Look into it!



on 8/2/05 5:43 PM, Christine Dianne Wenc at wenc at fas.harvard.edu wrote:

> Also--though those of us with student health insurance are pretty much
> stuck at HUHS, you DO get 1 or 2 outside specialist visits a year, I
> think, so finding a pediatrician elsewhere is not necessarily precluded.
> (Will check on this definitely & get back to you, as I have been wanting
> to find someone else myself.)

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