[Parentsgroup-list] Ground rules

Anna Shusterman anna.shusterman at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 10:17:46 EDT 2005

It seems to me that this group would benefit from establishing a few
ground rules. This might allow us to keep one thread for the group
instead of separating into a practical-yet-boring thread and a
lively-yet-mud-slinging thread.

Here are a few guidelines to get us started:
1. Remember that email is a blunt medium. Subtle things like innuendo
and sarcasm, even when light-hearted, are frequently misinterpreted,
especially in a group where everyone does not know each other very
well and where the topics of discussion are often personal.
2. No personal attacks.
3. Value each other's unique experiences and individual solutions to
our common parenting/academic dilemmas. Maybe even learn from each
4. Meet face to face, because that can take the bitterness out of
these debates. To that end, I reiterate the invitation to meet on 8/19
at Walden Pond.

I realize these things may sound self-explanatory, but since things
have already gotten a little out of hand and feelings hurt , we may as
well back up and establish some common parameters for discussion. I,
for one, am really happy that this group exists at all and I would
like us not to self-destruct if at all possible.


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