[Parentsgroup-list] Re: On politics...sorry eileen

mmills at fas.harvard.edu mmills at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Aug 1 21:29:00 EDT 2005

I read this after my post...

Quoting Easandberg at aol.com:

> OK, let's not throw sand at each other at Walden!
> Obviously there are some very strong opinions/feelings out there in our
> group. I would like to suggest that these discussions, if they continue,
> would be
> more productive if we did not assume that we know what each other thinks,
> believes, or has experienced based on a few comments, and didn't make
> personal
> remarks.  I suspect that most of us hold more complicated views on these
> issues
> that can't be categorized as red, blue, family values, feminist, communist or
> capitalist.
> We have a common goal, to help each other navigate the process of parenting
> as a graduate student.  I would hate to lose sight of that, or lose members
> who
> might contribute a lot to us all.  Could we perhaps have two threads for this
> group, one for continuing a more theoretical discussion of childcare issues,
> and one for more practical and mundane matters?
> - Eileen Sandberg,  Grad student in Health Policy in GSAS, working at HSPH
> since the earth's crust cooled (feels that way, anyway, as this is my 5th and
> last year!)
> I'm also the Mom of Jonathan (age 13), Benjamin (age 11), Joshua (age 6) and
> Samuel (age 4).

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