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Anna Shusterman anna.shusterman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 14:13:29 EDT 2005

May I propose Friday, August 19, as a date, aiming to arrive at Walden Pond =

around 9:30 am? Or let me put it this way: I'll commit to going to Walden =

Pond at that time, & loosely organizing a Harvard grad parents trip. =

 Interested people can email me off-list to let me know if they have a car =
& =

can give a ride; or if they don't have a car & need a ride;or if they're =

planning on taking the commuter rail & would like to meet at Porter Square. =

(anna.shusterman at gmail.com)
 Here are directions & information about Walden Pond: =

 I'll try to carve out a spot on the Main Beach & will display something =

crimson (a Harvard umbrella, or a red balloon) so we can find each other. =

I'll bring extra sand toys, bubbles, & grapes and crackers for snacking. If =

you feel like bringing something to share, bring it, and if you don't feel =

like bringing anything extra, just bring yourself (& child, of course). =

 On 8/1/05, Christine Dianne Wenc <wenc at fas.harvard.edu> wrote: =

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> Would someone like to volunteer to organize the Walden trip?
> =

> Christine
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