[Parentsgroup-list] a call for more names

Ryan Larsen rlarsen at deas.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 11 20:30:58 EDT 2005

hello to all Parents Group members.

I'm glad that Christine has started to get all of the grad student 
parents together.  I have undertaken the job of keeping the e-mail list 
up to date and I just added several new members.  If you know of any 
other parents that are Harvard students in any school let me know their 
e-mails and their names and I can subscribe them.  There are about 185 
student parents in GSAS and we only have about 30 of their names.  We 
can even include post-docs in our e-mail list.  Let's try to connect as 
many parents as possible.  If you have any messages to post to the 
group, send them to parentsgroup-list at lists.hcs.harvard.edu and everyone 
can read them.

Hopefully we can have a meeting soon.  Any word on a time and date, 

Also, if we want to register as a GSAS group we are suppose to come up 
with a membership list, constitution, mission statement, and projected 
budget.  It would be good to organize ourselves before September so that 
we can have a booth on registration day.  If there's enough interest 
maybe we can have a handful of social activities throughout the year - 
perhaps some Saturday events at the Dudley house with activities for 
kids and chances for parents to meet each other. Does this sound 
interesting to people?

Maybe in the future we can be a Harvard-wide group, but it isn't 
possible to form such a group at this time.  Christine and I are talking 
with the Harvard Graduate Council about this.

Ryan Larsen

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