[Parentsgroup-list] REMINDER: child-care focus group, Monday April 4, 2:45pm (fwd)

Christine Dianne Wenc wenc at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Apr 3 18:28:40 EDT 2005

Hi all--please come to this if you can.  I talked with the office for
Work-Life issues and it's REALLY important that we participate in this
focus group, or otherwise contact Sarah Bennett-Astensano about your needs
if you can't make it.  She told me that Harvard is in the process of
evaluating child care needs for EVERYONE associated with Harvard, and that
the women's issues stuff that has come up is really accelerating the
process.  They hope, in fact, to have a web site up (like Berkeley's) by
this summer, where everyone, not just certain employees, can have access.

NOTE: They are looking at child care issues from birth to age 22, so even
if your kids are older you should still come and give your input.

I am sending this message to both the old list and the new parents list,
so if you only get ONE of these, please contact Ryan Larsen ASAP (OK with
you, Ryan??).  rlarsen at deas.harvard.edu

(this is just the reminder they sent to me, but if you haven't signed up
I'm sure it's fine if you come.)


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 15:53:08 -0500
From: Sarah Bennett-Astesano <sarah_bennett-astesano at harvard.edu>
Subject: REMINDER: child-care focus group, Monday April 4, 2:45pm

This is a reminder that you are scheduled to attend a child-care focus
group on:

Monday, April 4, 2:45pm to 4pm, at the Faculty Club, 20 Quincy St., Cambridge.

Please let us know if your plans have changed and you are unable to attend.

Many thanks.

Sarah Bennett-Astesano
Work/Family Specialist
Office of Work/Life Resources
Harvard University
124 Mt. Auburn St., 3rd floor
Cambridge, MA  02138
Ph: 617-495-4100
Fx: 617-495-4124
worklife at harvard.edu
sarah_bennett-astesano at harvard.edu

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