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Date: Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:31 PM

Hi all,
       Happy New Year! And hope you enjoyed break!

Now it's time to go *FULL THROTTLE performance mode*! (Excited?)

*What*: Cultural Rhythms is our biggest show of the year. Offering the
chance to perform in front of nearly the entire student body, as well as a
celebrety guest host (...IF we make it past the Audition)

*When*: Sunday *February 6th *is the AUDITION (That's in 3.5 weeks!!!) If we
do not have our form together by this date, we will NOT be in the afternoon
show (the one with the guest MC). Mark your calenders for a Tech Rehearsal
on Wednesday night, February 16. A Dress Rehearsal the following Wednesday
night, February 23. And the show on *Saturday, February 26th* at 3 pm for
the afternoon show, and 8 pm for the evening show.

*Who*: All of you!

*Requirements*: Please start stretching NOW. I'm so serious. We have 3 weeks
to get into BIG LEAGUE Shape! You will not be permitted to audition if you
are not performing at your BEST by Sunday, February 6th!* You will NOT be
permitted to audition unless you can *commit*  to attending EVERY single
practice leading up to the first audition (there are only FIVE!) AS WELL AS
several additional practices held on an as-needed basis, as we approach the
audition date (keep in mind the Breakers plan to meet almost every night
starting the day they get back to prepare. You all have it easy!!)

*The Plan*: The form will open with a choreographed group staff form (aprox.
1 min). Followed by individual forms by members with outside experience.
Then a short choreographed fight between myself and several others. Than we
will reunite again for a choreographed group closing piece (aprox. 30 sec -
1 min.)

Note: 1.5 to 2 min of group routine sounds short. But at the rate at which
each movement will pass, it will require A LOT of choreography to fill those
spaces. This is why you should begin practicing now! Before we return to
campus on the 23rd. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PLAN TO ATTEND OWAW next week.
I am returning to campus this Sunday, January 16th. Please be in contact so
that we can meet up and begin going over movements! We need to focus all our
energy on this one audition (*February 6th*) as CR can be our largest (and
most rewarding) show of the year, if we make it into the first show!

Also, the group staff form will be *basic* enough that you can all learn it
quickly. But also *strong* enough that it will be impressive and it will
tear apart the stage. Therefore you will need to practice the movements
repeatedly to get them *crisp* and together! :D

I don't mean to come off as demanding! But Cultural Rhythms is our BIGGEST
show of the year. And we won't make it into first show unless we work our
butts off, from the time we arrive on campus. I promise it is worth it if we
make it!!

Additional Option:
* We have been invited to perform again at CSA's annual Banquet on Friday
February 11. This is always a fun performance (see last year
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOu9CcygHSo) So for those of you who do not
feel UP for the CR show yet, Banquet is a much lower key show to participate
*Please reply* to hwushu at hcs.harvard.edu by Wednesday of nextweek (Jan. 19)*
 *A.S.A.P. listing whether you plan to participate in the Cultural Rhythms
performance, the CSA Banquet show, or both. Thank you, and have a pleasant
J-term. :D

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