[HTROCSA-Ann.] 迎新晚會補充說明 Additional Instructions for Welcome Party RSVP

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    1. 報名以*個人*
    2. 費用也是以個人為單位計算,12歲以下的孩童半價收費,6歲以下免費。
    3. 新生的資料請統一寄至htrocsc at gmail.com信箱,方便我們的幹部整理資料,請勿直接以回覆公告信的方式告知個人資料。


哈佛台灣同學會  HTROCSA


Dear all,

We have some additional instructions for our welcome party RSVP:

    1. If your families or friends are coming with you, please fill the
form separately for them and select the "Dependants" item. The website will
lead you to a different page that asks for additional questions.
    2. Event fee for child under 12 is 50% off and free for child under 6
years old.
    3. For incoming students, please mail your information to
htrocsc at gmail.com. This email address is used for collecting the new
student introduction material. Please don't reply to the original
announcement email address by attaching your personal information.

Thanks for your cooperation!!

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