[HTROCSA-Ann.] Reminder: RSVP for 龍 Time No See 元宵晚會 Lantern Festival Banquet Closed tomorrow!!

Amanda Tseng chihningtseng at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 12:24:05 EST 2012

Hi All,

Just a reminder of our activity this weekend: the RSVP will closed at 1pm,
Feb. 2 (Thursday).
Please RSVP if you want to go to the banquet.






在學期的一開始我們準備了好吃又好玩的「龍 Time No See

時間:2/4  星期六  晚上6:00 ~ 8:30

地點:Dudley House 1F

票價:會員 RSVP $7, No RSVP $10

            非會員 RSVP $12, No RSVP $15

RSVP 截止時間為2/2 下午1點,為加速活動當天的報到流程及掌握餐點預算,懇請大家於下列網址填寫姓名、系級、email 和電話並完成付款動作

RSVP link:


同學會本年度會員請選Member $7.00 USD

非本年度會員請選Non-member $12.00 USD

現在加入本年度會員Join Now $ 17.00 USD 立即享受會員價($10 會費 + $7 本次活動費)




Dear All,

Happy New Year!!

I’m Chih-Ning, who will serve as President of HTROCSA in the upcoming year.

In the beginning of the new semester, we have the “Long(龍) Time No See” --
Lantern Festival Banquet on Feb. 4 (Sat.).

Please come enjoy delicious Taiwanese cuisine and fun activities with us.

HTROCSA Long(龍) Time No See Lantern Festival Banquet

Date: Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012

Time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Location: Dudley House 1F

Price: Members RSVP $7, No RSVP $10

           Non-members RSVP $12, No RSVP $15

Deadline of RSVP: 1pm, Thursday, Feb. 2. To speed up registration process
that day and to control our budget, please pay through the link when you
RSVP. To encourage participation, everyone who RSVP before the deadline
will win a cup of FREE bubble milk tea at the event.

RSVP link:


p.s. If you are not a member yet, join now by $17 can receive the same
price as members ($10 for member fee and $7 for the activity).


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