[HTROCSA-Ann.] Remind: 夏日迎新野餐 Welcome Picnic -- RSVP ends TOMORROW!!

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提醒大家,同學會將在9/2(日)舉辦新生Welcome Picnic。歡迎所有新進同學、訪問學者及在校舊生、朋友們踴躍參加!地點選在Charles

1. 對象:所有新、舊生、訪問學者及朋友們。

2. 時間:9/2(日)下午4:00-6:00pm

3. 地點:Charles River河畔

4. 集合方式:3:30pm在Harvard Square的地鐵站出口集合(Starbucks前面),徒步前往野餐地點。

5. 費用:新生免費 / 會員 2 元 / 非會員 5 元 (以2011-12年的會員資格為準)

6. RSVP:


哈佛台灣同學會  HTROCSA


Dear All,

Harvard Taiwan (ROC) Student Association will held a welcome picnic this
Sunday (Sep. 2) afternoon. Everyone including all students, visiting
scholars, and their families or friends are welcomed to our event.  We will
prepare light food and drinks and the picnic will be on the Charles river
bank. Come to join us and enjoy the last summer time before the semester

Time: September 2 (Sunday) 4-6pm

Location: Charles River Bank. We will meet at 3:30pm in front of the
Starbucks at Harvard Sq. T station and walk there. It will take about 15
minutes to walk.

Fare: Free for new students/ new visiting scholars. $2 for members and $5
for non-members.

(Please register before Friday, Aug. 31)

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