[HTROCSA-Ann.] MIT v. Harvard 體育競賽球員&觀眾 Sport Game RSVP

Lin Ching-Fu chingfu.hls at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 20:51:26 EDT 2011

Dear friends,

MIT and Harvard Taiwan student groups are working together to hold our
annual "Sport Game" on Nov 5, 1 to 6pm. There will be basketball,
volleyball, badminton, table tennis as well as dodgeball games! Event
information will be available in a week. In order to provide the MIT gym
management office with a group access list, we hereby ask those who are
playing or coming to support our teams to RSVP in advance by Oct 26 (Wed)
5pm. Please note: Only those who appear on the group access list (namely,
who RSVP) will be allowed to get in the MIT gym. Thank you! Hope to see you
all there!

RSVP link:
MIT及Harvard即將於11月5日下午舉辦兩校年度體育競賽 比賽項目包含籃球、排球、桌球及羽球(羽球賽程將另行公佈)
另加碼進行趣味躲避球賽(歡迎同學加入) 活動詳細資訊將於下週寄出 由於MIT運動場地管理需要 我們必須提供一個group access list
當天體育館管理員會在入口處核對姓名 因此麻煩所有哈佛球員及可能會到場加油的親友團觀眾RSVP (於Oct 26 週三5pm前)

RSVP link:
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