[HTROCSA-Ann.] 提醒/ Reminder: Oct 22 萬聖節女巫城一日遊/ HTROCSA Halloween Salem Trip

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Wed Oct 12 16:37:08 EDT 2011

*10/22 Sat HTROCSA Halloween Salem Trip*

Dear all,

Halloween, one of America's most popular holidays, is right around the
corner! Salem is undoubtedly the most renowned witch town in America, made
widely known by the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Luckily, Salem is only an
hour away from Boston! Therefore, HTROCSA will bring everyone to the haunted
town the week before Halloween and let you experience America's Halloween
culture first hand! Within a mix of historical sites lie museums, ghost
houses, and the alike. You may also choose to attend various tours, haunted
storytelling performances, or even get a psychic reading at the Psychic Fair
and Witchcraft Expo! (http://www.salemweb.com/calendar/#e28)

To enrich everyone's experience, we will leave for Salem by *ferry *(at
Aquarium station) and return by *train *(at North Station). After arriving
at Salem, you are welcome to venture off and explore the town on your own.
If you would like to come back with the group, we plan to take the 5:49pm
train, and will announce the exact meeting time/place once we are there.

Also, because of the popularity of the ferry, HTROCSA will have to purchase
tickets for everyone in advance. *Please RSVP and pay for the ferry ticket
online before 10/14 (Friday) if you would like to join us!*

Meeting Date: 10/22 (Sat), 10:45AM, please be punctual.
Meeting Location: Outside of Harvard Square T Station (in front of the
Starbucks). We will take the T to Aquarium and take the ferry together.
Price: Ferry to Salem $9.50 (free for 3yrs and under), Train back to Boston
$5.25 (optional)
RSVP (Deadline: 10/14 Friday): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin

Hope you all can join us in exploring Salem!


*10/22 Sat 萬聖節女巫城一日遊*


處處可見的歷史痕跡之外,還可參觀女巫博物館、鬼屋、歷史表演及各式導覽,甚至還有巫術展覽會裡的算命服務,絕對精彩! (

為了讓大家往返Salem時有不同的體驗,我們將坐*渡輪*到Salem(at Aquarium Station),再搭*火車*回Boston(at
North Station)。抵達Salem後,讓大家依興趣自由行動。如果想一起返回Boston,我們預計搭下午5:49的火車,並將


集合地點:Harvard Square T Station 外面(星巴克前面),我們會搭車到Aquarium(藍線)站搭乘Salem Ferry。
票價:去程渡輪 $9.50(3歲以下小孩免費);回程火車 $5.25(自由參加)
RSVP:(deadline 10/14 Friday): https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin


哈佛台灣同學會 敬上
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