[HTROCSA-Ann.] 送舊晚會重要提醒 Important Reminder of Farewell/ End of the Year Party

Chih-Ning Tseng b95901139 at ntu.edu.tw
Tue Apr 19 12:47:39 EDT 2011



chihningtseng at gmail.com 告知姓名,同學會感謝大家的配合!!

時間: 4/23/11 (週六) 6pm-9:30pm
地點: Dudley House (Lehman Hall) Common Room (2nd floor)
票價: 畢業生 免費, 會員 免費, 非會員 RSVP $8 No RSVP $10
RSVP (deadline 4/20 Wed): (http://ppt.cc/bKbH) <about:blank>


Dear All,

The RSVP of our farewell/ end of the year party will be closed tonight. If
you want to participate but haven’t RSVP yet, please go to the link below.

In our previous activities, there are some people finished the RSVP but
didn’t show up. This caused a huge waste of food and budget overrun. If
you’ve already done the RSVP but can’t participate this time, please kindly
send a notification to chihningtseng at gmail.com and tell us your name before
Friday, April 22. Thanks for your cooperation!!

Time: 4/23/11 (Sat) 6pm-9:30pm
Location: Dudley House (Lehman Hall) Common Room (2nd floor)
Price: Graduating students- Free, Members- Free, Non-members- RSVP $8, No
RSVP $10
RSVP (deadline 4/20 Wed):  (http://ppt.cc/bKbH)
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