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Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well.

Please see below for "Taiwanese Language Table" sign-ups.  Students from all
the departments at Harvard are welcome to join our weekly lunch gathering.

All best,

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Hi, everyone,

Wonderful to meet you at the Welcome Lunch last week.  Please see below for
language table sign-ups.

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out

HALS 2010-2011 Language Tables

 Greetings from Harvard Asia Law Society! Each year, the Harvard Asia Law
Society (HALS) organizes language tables aimed at facilitating an
environment for students to learn and practice a number of Asian languages.
Languages that were historically available include Cantonese, Japanese,
Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Thai, and Vietnamese etc. HALS will
continue the language table program this year, and in order to better serve
you, we would like to understand your interests. We would appreciate it
greatly if you could list the language(s) that you might be interested in
learning and/or practicing with HALS this year. This information will be
instrumental in our design of the language table program. These language
tables will take place during lunch time throughout the academic year, and
HALS will subsidize each participant to the tune of $5/table event attended
(conditional on participating in at least 3 tables in the course of the
semester). We will be having our big kick-off event with great food after
fly-out week.

Yilin Xu '12
 Social Chair|Harvard Asia Law Society

 Which language(s) are you interested in learning/practicing

   - Cantonese
   - Japanese
   - Korean
   - Mandarin
   - Taiwanese
   - Other:

 Your Name

 Your Email Address

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