[HTROCSC-Ann.] recruitment from National Yang-Ming University

Jun-Rong Wei jrwei2007 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 20:34:01 EDT 2010

Dear all,

How are you?

Professor Wan-Jr Syu, vice president of National Yang-Ming University, is
coming to Boston on Sep 15th and 16th for a recruitment trip. (you may know
this High-Ed recruitment trip from the earlier email from Joyce already).

He would like me to help spread the information about the recruitment in
As you know Yang-Ming has good reputation in Biomedical research in Taiwan.
The recruitment in Yang-Ming will be a good chance for people looking for
faculty positions back to Taiwan.

They are looking for people specialized to neuro-physiology, chemistry
associated with pharmaceutical application, epidemiology, computer sciences
with medical linkage, engineering with medical implications, re-habitation,
assistive engineering, bacteriology and immunology. In general, anyone who
is interested in biomedical industries is welcome.

Professor Syu is very friendly. It should be very helpful to talk to him.

Here is the link to book the meeting with him. (
http://hirecruit.nat.gov.tw/chinese/tour_menu.asp) and he will be available
at Sheraton Commander Hotel (16 Garden St. at Cambridge).

Hope it could be useful !

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