[HTROCSC-Ann.] Event: 11/14 哈佛 vs 麻省理工 運動友誼賽報名開始! Sign Up for Harvard vs MIT Sports Day!

Joyce Yang jyang at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 18 00:28:08 EDT 2010


很開心看到各個球隊開始練習, 因為哈佛與麻省理工台灣同學們的友誼賽馬上就要開打囉! 球賽將於MIT的體育館 Zesiger Center舉行. 請注意,
為了配合場地租借, 我們將把比賽日期改到11/14 (星期日). 希望大家能撥空參加, 藉由這次活動認識新朋友, 保持身心健康,

活動: Harvard HTROCSC vs MIT ROCSA 運動友誼賽
時間: 11/14/2010 (週日), 暫定2pm-7pm
地點: MIT Zesiger Center (http://mitrecsports.com/)
120 Vassar Street Cambridge, MA 02139. (不到十分鐘的公車車程! 同學會將全額補助公車費.)

*du Pont Court #1*
2:00~2:15pm, 準備桌球場地
2:15~3:15pm, 桌球 (林宗翰 & Chih-Jen Shih)
3:15~3:30pm, 準備籃球場地
3:30~5:00pm, 籃球 (簡揚庭 & Owen Chen)

*Rockwell North
*5:00~5:10pm, 準備排球及羽球場地
5:10~6:30pm, 排球 (沈敬涵 & Hao-Wei Su) and 羽球 (劉啟明 & Tsung-Han Tsai) (同時進行)
6:30~7:00pm, 頒獎及照相

為了確定賽制, 我們必須知道每項運動確切的比賽人數. 因此, 請有興趣參加的同學儘快寫信給該項活動的隊長 (email地址在本信最後).* **
這場友誼賽不分性別與程度, 歡迎大家一起參加喔!*

另外, 如果你自認為球技不好不想參賽也沒關係, 但這場比賽還是需要你的熱力支持! 歡迎大家加入啦啦隊的陣容, 為哈佛球員們加油打氣!

讓我們一起揮灑汗水, 一起體驗青春吧!


Hi everyone!

As everyone is warming up with various sports activities, we are pleased to
announce the Harvard vs MIT Taiwanese students sports day is coming! The
games will be held at MIT's Zesiger center. Due to court reservation limits,
please note that the date has been changed to Nov. 14th (Sunday). Hope
everyone can still make it! This event is intended for people to make new
friends, keep in good shape/health, and of course, to build up the sense of
unity and school pride at Harvard! GO Crimson!!!

Event: Harvard HTROCSC vs MIT ROCSA Sports Day
Date: 11/14/2010 (Sun), 2pm-7pm tentatively
Location: MIT Zesiger Center (http://mitrecsports.com/)
120 Vassar Street Cambridge, MA 02139. (Less than 10 minutes away by bus!
Bus fare will be fully subsidized.)

The following is the tentative schedule:
du Pont Court #1*
2:00~2:15pm, Staff setting up the court for table tennis
                       Welcome and instructions by Joyce & Hung-Wen
2:15~3:15pm, Table tennis (Tsung-Han Lin & Chih-Jen Shih)
3:15~3:30pm, Setting up for basketball game
3:30~5:00pm, Basketball (Yang-Ting Chien & Owen Chen)

*Rockwell North
*5:00~5:10pm, Setting up for Volleyball and Badminton
5:10~6:30pm, Volleyball (Hannah Shen & Hao-Wei Su) and Badminton (Louis Liu
& Tsung-Han Tsai) (simultaneous)
6:30~7:00pm, Awards ceremony and photos

Since we need to settle down on the rules and format of the game, we would
like to know exactly how many people will be playing for each individual
sport. Therefore, please email the corresponding captain (see list below)
for the sport that you're interested in ASAP.  *Everyone is welcome to play
regardless of level and gender*!

Of course, for those of you who are too shy to show off your athleticism,
please also join us and show your passion by cheering for your fellow
Harvard friends! This event is free of charge and will for sure bring you
joy, pride, and sweat!

Hope to see you guys there!




Basketball: Yang-Ting Chien
chienyangting at gmail.com
Badminton: Louis Liu
cmlouisliu at gmail.com
Table Tennie: Tsung-Han Lin
tsung.h.lin at gmail.com
Volleyball: Hannah Shen
han850285 at gmail.com <an850285 at gmail.com>
Others: Joyce Yang
jyang115 at gmail.com

Basketball:      Chia-Hsin Owen Chen
owenhsin at mit.edu
Badminton:      Tsung-Han Tsai
badham at mit.edu
Table Tennis:  Chih-Jen Shih
cjshih at mit.edu
Volleyball:        Hao-wei Su
haowei at mit.edu                                Tennis:
Hsien-Chung Tseng                               hctseng at mit.edu
Others :            Hung-Wen Chen
hungwen at mit.edu
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