[HTROCSC-Ann.] Free Tai Chi and Feng Shui & Eight Words Class at NESA

Joyce Yang jyang at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 13 02:20:13 EDT 2010

Dear all,

As I mentioned earlier, Kuan-Chung Chen(Median Chen) is a Tai Chi Master
from Taiwan who is currently a student at New England School of Acupuncture

As we are working on the possibility of having Tai Chi classes here at
Harvard, I would like to let you know that Median is currently offering 2
classes at NESA (150 California Street, 3rd Floor  Newton, MA 02458
617.558.1788). Everyone is welcome!

1.Feng Shui & Eight Words Class with Median Chen
Mondays at 4-5pm in Meeting Room 2 (starting Oct 11)
In this class, you will learn the basic Feng Shui and Eight Words concepts.
You will learn how to choose or create a good Feng Shui setting for yourself
or your family. You will also learn how to diagnosis your pre-heaven 5
elements composition by Eight Words Horoscope.

2.Tai Chi with Median Chen
Thursdays 10-11am in the Tai Chi Room (starting Oct 14)
In this class, Median Chen will share one of the best Tai Chi Quans in the
world – Ru Yu Tai Chi with you. You will learn the basic Tai Chi forms, Tai
Chi Root, Tai Chi Fa Jin, and Tai Chi Push Hand in the Class. You will also
learn some Tai Chi, Yin Yang and Taoism theories and applications in the

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