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Joyce Yang jyang at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 1 17:11:27 EDT 2010


這學期我們將開始組織各項球類練習, 讓大家藉由運動認識新朋友保持身心健康, 同時也為11月的Harvard vs MIT球賽做準備!


籃球: 簡揚庭           chienyangting at gmail.com
羽球: 劉啟明           cmlouisliu at gmail.com
桌球: 林宗翰           tsung.h.lin at gmail.com
排球: 沈敬涵(小五) han850285 at gmail.com
其他(游泳 網球... 等): Joyce Yang jyang115 at gmail.com

請大家寫信給想加入的球隊隊長 (可多選~ 並請註明是否想參加11/6對抗MIT的球類比賽). 之後各項球類活動由隊長定期發信給各組成員
平時就可以自行練習了!  不論程度 只要有興趣 都歡迎加入!

目前有四項球類 每項一位隊長, 如果希望添增其他球類項目或有意願當以上球類副隊長 也請回信給我! 謝謝!


Hi everyone!

This semester, we will begin to coordinate our sports activities. We hope
everyone will be able to meet new friends through playing sports, keep in
good shape/health, and of course, to practice for and WIN the Harvard vs MIT
game in November! :D

Currently, we have the following organizers/captains for each sports team:
Basketball: Yang-Ting Chien           chienyangting at gmail.com
Badminton: Louis Liu                       cmlouisliu at gmail.com
Table Tennis: Tsung-Han Lin           tsung.h.lin at gmail.com
Volleyball: Hannah Shen                 han850285 at gmail.com
Others (Swimming, Tennis...etc): Joyce Yang jyang115 at gmail.com

Please reply to each captain according to the sports you are interested in
(multiple is encouraged! Please also indicate whether you would like to
participate in the 11/6 game against MIT). After compiling the list of
interested people, each captain will send out practice invitations regularly
then everyone can practice together! Regardless of level, as long as you are
interested in playing sports together, you are welcome to join!

Also, we only have 4 sports teams and 1 captain for each so far. If you
would like to start another sports team or be the co-captain of a current
team, please let me know! Thanks!

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