[HTROCSC-Ann.] 會長選舉結果 Election Results!

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Mon Nov 22 02:00:16 EST 2010


感謝大家踴躍參與感恩節晚餐暨會長選舉! 很高興同學會通過了會章也再次恭喜林勤富同學當選會長! 另外, 晚會時宣佈同學會新增器材包括籃球, 桌球,
桌球網, 以及卡拉OK機, 歡迎大家多多利用! 運動器材請連絡各隊長加入球隊mailing list, 而卡拉OK機有鑒於期末考及寒假的到來,

最後, 這一年來, 很榮幸有機會為同學會服務, 也非常感謝大家一直以來對同學會的幫忙與支持! 希望大家的熱情可以一直延續下去! 期末加油 :)


Hi everyone!

Hope everyone who came to the Thanksgiving dinner/elections had a great
time! We are pleased to announce that we have passed our constitution and
elected our new President, Ching-Fu Lin! Congrats again! In addition, as
announced at the dinner, HTROCSC has acquired a few equipments throughout
the course of the semester including basketballs, table tennis equipments,
and a karaoke machine. Please contact the respective captains of our sports
teams to be added to the mailing list and make good use of our new
equipments! In observance of upcoming finals and winter break, the karaoke
machine will be available for rental by members starting in January. Rental
policy to come.

Lastly, I just want to say that it was a great honor serving the HTROCSC
community in the past year! It has been an amazing year and I hope you all
had as much fun as I did :) I would like to thank everyone again for your
help and support throughout the term! Let's keep this passion burning! Good
luck with everything and hope to see you soon! :D

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