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Date: 2010/11/9

 Dear all:


地點:揚子江餐廳(Yangtze River Restaurant)
地址:21 Depot Sq, Lexington, MA 02420-6338

 敬祝 學安

黃翌弘 敬啟
Alex Huang

以下為成大校友會會長陸德禮(Daryl Luk)邀請校友出席年會的電郵,請參考:

Dear Alumni,

This year's NCKU Annual Dinner will be on 12/4 Saturday.  Please mark your
calendar, we want to see all of you.  Since we need to give an accurate head
count to the restaurant, I hope you can get back to me in a week or two to
confirm your coming.  That will make our job in preparing the dinner event
much easier.  The following is the place and time:

Date: 12/4/2010 Saturday 6:30PM
Place: Yangtze River Restaurant
Address: 21 Depot Sq, Lexington, MA 02420-6338 (same as last year)

Please simply reply to me ASAP and let me know.  I greatly appreciate that.

Best regards,

Daryl Luk
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