[HTROCSC-Ann.] Visit of Prof. Gwo

Chao-Min Cheng ccheng at gmwgroup.harvard.edu
Thu May 13 00:18:33 EDT 2010

Dear friends/colleagues,
Hope that you are well. One of my friends, Prof. Shangjr Gwo at National Tsing Hua University (Physics Department), will visit our group (George Whitesides Research Group in Chemistry Department) on 05/28. He does some great jobs about nanotechnology, nanomaterials and solid-state physics and keeps publishing his works in high-profile journals. 
I am thinking to invite more friends to join our dinner on that day so if you are interested in chatting with him, please just let me know (maybe suitable for physics or chemistry students/post-docs). I would prefer to keep this dinner as a small party rather than a huge party so early birds will get it...briefly speaking, it is a social chance...
All the best and talk to you soon,
post-doc. working with GMW
ccheng at gmwgroup.harvard.edu
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