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Wed Mar 3 10:38:09 EST 2010

考試時間是3/12(星期五). 我們是在Longwood medical area這邊。有興趣的同學可以抽空來學校做個檢查,檢查時間大約三十分鐘。
如果有興趣的同學可以盡快跟我聯絡。我的email是: e.hwang at hotmail.com. 謝謝!!

I am looking for patients who will qualify for our North East Regional Board
dental licensing exam. Patients who participate in the exam will receive
either free cleaning or free filling.
- Patients should be between the age of 18-50 and healthy.
- Cleaning: patients who haven't had a cleaning in the past 2 years.
- Filling: either possible cavities on the front or back tooth.
- Patient should have most of their teeth.
The exam will be held on March 12th. Screening sessions will be held every
weekday afternoons before that. X-rays and an exam will be done during each
session. Each screening takes 30-40 minutes.
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