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jobs from my Lab. mate...if you are interested in this kind of stuffs, please take a look. All the best and talk to you soon,
post-doc. working with GMW
ccheng at gmwgroup.harvard.edu


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Subject: Fw: R&D opportunities at Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc

FYI. Email Theo at winger4 at nc.rr.com if interested.


I work at Advanced Liquid Logic (www.liquid-logic.com) in Research
Triangle Park in North Carolina, USA where we are developing a
revolutionary nanoscale liquid handling platform as a new generation
of bioanalytical tools based on digital microfluidics (a technology
related to ink-jet technology).

I am currently seeking a full-time research scientist who is
interested in working on and learning about interfacial phenomena
involving colloidal science, emulsion stability, molecular
partitioning, surface science, materials engineering, electrophysics
and more. A full job description can be found on the company's Web
site. Since you are active in this field, I thought that you or
someone that you know might be interested in this employment
opportunity with my company. Please feel free to forward this inquiry
to other qualified individuals. Thank you very much for any assistance
that you can provide in helping me identify a suitable scientist.

Kind regards,

Theo Winger
Theodore Winger, PhD
Microfluidics R&D
Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.

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