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Subject: pianist Yin Cheng-Zong at Harvard Sanders Friday 3/12/2010

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email us] <foundation at chineseperformingarts.net>
*Please join our

*Friday, March 12, 2010, 8pm*

Harvard Sanders Theater
  *(45 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA)*
  *Cheng-Zong Yin  *
*殷承宗 Piano
 Celebrating 60th Years of Piano Performances
 All Schubert Program
*   [image: flower]

*An Evening of Schubert *

*1**、**Allegretto in C Minor*

*2**、**Four Impromptus Op.142*

*3**、**Piano Sonata in B flat major, D960*

*Piano Master Class *
* by Mr. YIN *
*Wednesday 3/10/2010, 7 PM*

Steinway Hall at *M. Steinert & Sons*

162 Boylston St. Boston

Free Admission, Donation Accepted

For Details Email to:
 Foundation at ChinesePerformingArts.net

The *New York Times* called him "China's best pianist, with absolutely
beautiful command of colors," Mr. Cheng-Zong Yin received many top
international honors, including the 2nd prize of the *1962 Tchaikovsky
Competition. He was one of the major composers of the "Yellow River
Concerto" which had 3 million copies sold.  Appeared 7 times at Carnegie
Hall, he was interviewed by CBS and released more than 20 albums including
recently the All-Chopin, Debussy's Preludes, Tchaikovsky's Seasons and
Concerto, and various Chinese traditional pieces arranged by him and others.

* *

*Tickets are on sale at 617-496-2222, or order online at www.Chinese
Performing Arts.net, and www.boxoffice.harvard.edu.  *

*100 free student tickets are available by online (**
*) request only for age 14 and up.*

* O**ne of the world's leading pianists, was born on China's "Piano Island"
of Gulangyu in Xiamen, Fujian Province. He gave his first recital at age
nine. Three years later he entered the pre-college of the Shanghai
Conservatory, later transferred to the Central Conservatory in Beijing. Mr.
Yin traveled to Russia in 1960s to study with Tatiana Kravchenko, and
graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory and Central Conservatory in

He has won numerous awards, including the gold medal at the World Youth
Peace and Friendship Festival held in Vienna in 1959 and second prize in the
1962 Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Mr. Yin made his debut in New York's
Carnegie Hall in 1983 and has returned five times as a soloist. The New York
Times has called him "China's best pianist." Throughout his career Mr. Yin
has touched millions of souls with his music. Bernard Holland of the New
York Times wrote that he demonstrated an "absolutely beautiful command of
piano colors."

Through the years, Mr. Yin has traveled worldwide, performing under the
baton of Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, Claudio Abbado and
the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Kirill Kondrashin and the Moscow
Philharmonic Orchestra, and Sir Malcolm Sargent and the St. Petersburg
Philharmonic Orchestra . He has also appeared in Boston, San Francisco,
Chicago, Toronto, and at Lincoln Center. His numerous interviews were
featured on China's Central Television and CBS Sunday Morning. Formerly a
professor and artist-in-residence at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Mr.
Yin now lives in New York City.

Mr. Yin is not only a virtuoso interpreter of Western masters, he is also a
composer of highly renowned piano pieces. His piano arrangements and
interpretations of traditional Beijing opera and other classic Chinese
music, combined with his contribution to the Yellow River Concerto have made
him a household name in China. His recording of the latter piece received a
Gold Record award, which has already over 3 million copies sold. He has
become a legend in the music world and is one of four Chinese musicians who
are listed in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, published in

Mr. Yin has released more than 20 albums, among them recent releases of an
all-Chopin CD and a recording of Debussy's Preludes, super CDs of The
Seasons by Tchaikovsky, and various Chinese ancient and traditional pieces
arranged by Mr. Yin and others. His recordings of the Yellow River Concerto
and Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic
was released recently.

In autumn of 2002, Mr. Yin brought the prestigious Fourth Tchaikovsky
International Competition for Young Musicians to his hometown, Xiamen,
China, where he served as the Head Chairman of the Competition. He also
served on the jury of the Third China International Piano Competition in
2004. The year 2005 marks the 55th anniversary of Mr. Yin's musical career.
His extensive tours in North America and China during the year have included
more than a dozen major cities in North America and China. In September and
October of 2005, Mr. Yin performed the "Yellow River" Concerto at the Grand
Theatre of Beijing's Palace for Nationalities and New York's Carnegie Hall
respectively, marking the 35th anniversary of this work which he worked on
as the primary composer and premiered in 1970. Mr. Yin has so far given
seven performances in Carnegie's main hall.

During the season of 2006-07, Mr. Yin performed during the opening and
closing ceremonies of the 50th anniversary of the founding of China National
Orchestra. And in July of 07, he was invited to perform in Hong Kong with
the China Philharmonic in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the return
of Hong Kong to China - his Yellow River Concerto deeply touched the
audience and, as the main composer and premier performer, his performance
also revived the popular passion for the masterpiece.

In early 2007, Mr. Yin travelled to Brisbane and Melbourne of Australia and
gave three performances there to sold-out audiences. His tour in Australia
also marks the realization of his decades-long dream to perform on all five
continents of the world.   In February 2008, Mr. Yin worked with the China
National Orchestra to give their first-ever performance in the newly-opened
China National Grand Theatre to mark the Chinese lunar new year. The concert
was orgazined by Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV and broadcast live around the

Beginning in 2008, Mr. Yin embarked on an effort to produce ten recital
programs basing on different composers and styles. The project will span
three to five seasons. The first two programs have been completed and played
in over 60 concerts in China and North America in the past year. He will
continue to launch new programs in the coming seasons. *
Coming Events

*Sat. March 27, 2010,**8 pm *
 *Cutler Majestic Theater*
  "Sound of the Ocean" by
U Theatre
 優人神鼓: 聽海之心
Lecture demonstration at Harvard Music Dept Paine Hall
Sunday, March 28, 7 pm
[image: U theatre]
[image: U theatre]
* *
*Sat. April 10, 2010 *
* Jordan Hall*
 *Bao Jian 包鍵,Guanzi *
 *Jianbing Hu 胡建兵, Sheng
 Chinese Performing Arts of North
**America Ensemble *
* * [image: Bao Jian]
Fri. April 30, 2010, 8pm
 Jordan Hall
 Minsoo Sohn, piano
* [image: Minsoo Sohn]
 *April 15, 2010  **The 19 Annual *
*Chinese brush painting and calligraphy competition*
 * **第十九屆全美青少年國畫 *
* * [image: 2009 Brush painting 1]

 [image: 2009 Brush painting 1]
  *7/29 to 8/20, 2010*
 The 19th Annual Musical Festival
at Walnut Hill第十九屆胡桃山音樂營

 [image: 2009 music festival]
Support us make a
*Donation *
*www. ChinesePerformingArts.net*
 *Your tax-deductible donation enables us to continue presenting the best
artists, maintaining low admission and free student tickets.
 Please support us
especially at this time

 WWW. ChinesePerformingArts.net

Order Ticket Online:

*Email: **foundation at chineseperformingart.net*<foundation at chineseperformingart.net>
 *Foundation For Chinese Performing Arts*
*Cathy Chan 譚嘉陵, Founder and President*
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