[HTROCSC-Ann.] MIT ROCSA Upcoming Talk : "Summer Internship Panel Discussion: Application and Working Experience"; 1:00pm, December 11th (Saturday)

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Dear all,

MIT ROCSA CONNECT will hold a panel this coming Saturday on “Summer
Internship Panel Discussion: Application and Working Experience”. Please
refer to the message below for more details. Thanks!


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Subject: [MIT ROCSA] Upcoming Talk : "Summer Internship Panel Discussion:
Application and Working Experience"; 1:00pm, December 11th (Saturday)
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Dear Friends,

You are invited to join MIT ROCSA CONNECT’s event this Saturday. We will
have a panel discussion regarding summer internship, including the
application process, the job experience, and how it leads to career
decision! This event is free; working professionals and students from all
schools are welcome!!

*Topic*: “Summer Internship Panel Discussion: Application and Working
 *Time*: 1:00-2:30pm, December 11th (Saturday)
*Venue*: Seminar Room (Room#185) at MIT Sidney-Pacific Graduate Residence
(70 Pacific St., Cambridge, MA 02139)
1. MIT Sidney-Pacific (S-P) Graduate Residence on Google
 *2. Once you enter Sidney-Pacific, turn right and walk across the corridor,
pass the restroom and you will find the room (#185) on your left. If you
have trouble entering the building, please call Hsien-chung @ (617)

*We will have four panel speakers, each speaker will talk briefly of their
unique experience working as an intern the past summer; then the floor will
open up for questions!! Here is a list of speakers:*


*Hung-An Chang, CSAIL*

Google, Inc. Mountain View, CA


*Aithne Pao, Media Lab*

*Cisco Systems, Inc. San Jose, CA*


*Jason Sen, Mechanical Engineering*

The General Electric Company (GE), Munich, Germany

*Sidney Tsai, EECS*

*Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR*

* RSVP*: Andrew Koo (kooj at mit.edu) (Deadline: Friday Dec. 10th 6:00 pm).
Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew if you have any questions. Looking
forward to seeing you!!

* This talk will be delivered in Mandarin

* Light refreshment will be provided


*MIT ROCSA Connect Committee*
Jacky Chen

Andrew Koo
Yen-Jie Lee

Sam Peng
Hsien-Chung Tseng
Cheng-Hsun Wu
Paul Yang

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