[HTROCSC-Ann.] Event: 9/11 迎新晚會 Welcome Party

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Mon Aug 30 01:50:32 EDT 2010


隨著新學年的開始, 同學會將在9/11(週六)晚上6pm舉行迎新晚會!

我們將準備美味的晚餐, 新生與秋季活動介紹, 還有不容錯過的趣味遊戲. 當晚並可同時繳交2010-2011會費$15/人, 全年所有活動都可享有會員優惠.
希望大家踴躍參加, 一起歡迎新生與新學期的到來!

為了讓我們準備新生簡介, 請新生/訪問學者將中英姓名, 系所, 攻讀學位, 照片, 及簡單的自介 (家鄉, 大學校系, 興趣, Facebook暱稱...
等等, 內容請自由發揮) 於9/1前寄至 htrocsc at gmail.com 謝謝大家!

時間: 9/11/2010 (週六) 6pm

地點: Harvard Lehman/Dudley House Main Dining Room (1st Floor)


會員- RSVP $5, No RSVP $8

非會員- RSVP $10, No RSVP $13

(會費: $15/人)

RSVP (9/7截止): http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V3C2WBP



Hi everyone!

The new semester is just around the corner, and so is HTROCSC's Welcome
Party! The party will take place on 9/11 (Sat) at 6pm in the Dudley House
Main Dining Hall. You will enjoy a fulfilling dinner, meet new
students/friends, learn about our upcoming events in the fall, and play fun
games to get to know each other better. You will also have a chance to join
our 2010-2011 membership by paying the $15/person annual fee and instantly
enjoy member benefits on all our events this year! I hope you all will join
us in welcoming the new students and the start of the semester!

To help us prepare introduction slides, we ask the new students/visiting
scholars to please send the following information to htrocsc at gmail.com by

Chinese and English names, Department/Program, Degree, Picture, and a brief
background of yourself (hometown, college/major, interests, Facebook
site...etc. Feel free to elaborate.) Thank you very much!

Time: 9/11/2010 (Sat) 6pm

Place: Harvard Lehman/Dudley House Main Dining Room (1st Floor)

Event Fee:

Members- RSVP $5, No RSVP $8

Non-Members- RSVP $10, No RSVP $13

(Membership Fee: $15/person)

RSVP (deadline 9/7): http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V3C2WBP

 Hope to see you there!


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