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希望昨天來划船的同學們都玩得開心! 活動照片已由我們的專業攝影師上傳至: http://picasaweb.google.com/HTROCSC敬請觀賞~

再過一個月就要開學了, 有幾件事想跟大家報告一下:

1. 新生採購 8/28/10
2. 迎新暫定 9/11/10
3. 新生接機
4. Host Student Program

1. 新生採購 8/28/10

我們計劃8/28 (週六) 舉辦新生採購, 帶新生去Gateway Shopping Center (Everett, MA) 採買傢具 日用品 糧食等
(有Target, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, Office Max, Mattress Giant, Home
Depot 等). 舊生也歡迎參加 不過看車子的數量多寡 以新生優先. 同學會將租小貨車搬運大型物品 另外也請有車的同學們幫忙carpool帶大家過去.
我們將對參加的同學每人酌收五塊錢(司機除外), 以支付油錢以及小貨車租金.

集合時間: 8/28/10 (週六) 9:30am
結束時間: 每車可各自商量. 同學會小貨車預計3pm左右離開.
集合地點:哈佛燕京圖書館後停車場(2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138)
費用:每人 $ 5 (司機除外)

請能夠幫忙開車的同學 或是想參加採購團的同學在8/18 前將以下資訊寄給我 (jyang at fas.harvard.edu) :
中英姓名, 參加人數, Email, 電話, 地址

2. 迎新暫定 9/11

迎新日期目前訂在 9/11/10 希望大家可以把當晚的時間保留給同學會的迎新晚會!

3. 新生接機

非常感謝老蕭以及李政昇幫忙接機!!! 請還有接機需求的新生來信到 htrocsc at gmail.com 謝謝!

4. Host Program

為了讓同學們盡快適應並融入美國生活, 今年我們開創了同學會內部的Host Student Program, 幫新生安排一位在校學長姐.
主旨是讓新生在行前及抵達Boston後可以與在校生聯繫見面 多認識朋友 有任何問題或需求 也可以請學長姐幫忙. 屆時我們會安排一場餐會讓大家互相認識.
請希望加入這個program的同學們 來信到 htrocsc at gmail.com 謝謝大家的參與!


Hi everyone!

Hope all of you who came out to the kayaking event had fun! We had a great
turnout! Pictures have been uploaded thanks to our awesome photographer:

As the fall term approaches, I'd like to make a few announcements.

1. Arrival Shopping 8/28/10
2. Welcome Party 9/11/10
3. Incoming Student Arrival Pickup
4. Host Student Program

1. Arrival Shopping 8/28/10

We plan to bring everyone to Gateway Shopping Center (Everett, MA) on 8/28
(Sat) for some furniture/grocery shopping! Stores include Target, Costco,
Bed Bath and Beyond, Office Max, Mattress Giant, Home Depot..etc).
Continuing students are welcome to join, but incoming students will be given
priority. HTROCSC will rent a U-Haul truck to pick up large items. We will
also need volunteers with cars to help with driving people there. We will
charge $5/person (except drivers) for the truck rental and gas.

Meeting time: 8/28/10 (Sat) 9:30am
Ending time: Discuss within each car group. The U-Haul truck will leave
around 3pm.
Meeting Location: Parking lot behind Harvard Yenching Library (2 Divinity
Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138)
Price: $5 / person (except drivers)

Please let me know by 8/18 if you can help with driving or if you want to
join the shopping spree! Email jyang at fas.harvard.edu and include your name,
# of people attending, Email, Phone, & Address for delivery. Thanks!

2. Welcome Party 9/11/10

The welcome party is tentatively set on the night of 9/11/10. Please mark
your calendars and join us in welcoming our incoming class!

3. Incoming Student Arrival Pickup

Huge thanks to Chuan-Heng Hsiao and Cheng-Sheng Lee for helping with arrival
pickup! Please email htrocsc at gmail.com if you still need to arrange a
pickup. Thanks!

4. Host Student Program

To facilitate the transition of incoming students to life here in Boston, we
started a host student program within HTROCSC this year. For each new
student who wishes to participate, we will match them to a continuing
student. The main purpose is to allow incoming students to have a contact
before/after they come to Boston, meet more friends, and have a "go to"
person when they have questions. We will have a lunch/dinner to let everyone
meet before the school starts. Please email htrocsc at gmail.com if you would
like to participate! Thank you!

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