[HTROCSC-Ann.] Event: 5/8 送舊晚會 Farewell/End of the Year Party

Joyce Yang jyang at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 27 22:42:54 EDT 2010


今年的送舊晚會將於 5/8/10 (週六) 6pm 在Dudley House Common Room 舉行.
不論您是否能來參加送舊晚會 請今年的畢業生們 (2010 春夏或秋天) 將中英文姓名, 系所, 學位, (照片) 寄到
jyang at fas.harvard.edu
另外, 如果同學們有其他生活照想要分享的, 也請寄到以上的信箱. 謝謝你們!

當晚 同學會將準備豐盛的台灣美食! (台式肉羹 香腸糯米飯 芋圓紅豆湯 等等). 用餐後 會請畢業生們自我介紹 分享畢業感言. 同時
也歡迎大家對於同學會這學期和未來的活動 給予寶貴的意見. 最後 我們會提供跟友校MIT ROCSA借的卡拉OK機 (到2009年初的歌大多都有!)
讓大家歡唱送舊! 今年有不少學生要畢業了 希望大家踴躍參與!

時間: 5/8/10 (週六) 6pm-9:30pm
地點: Dudley House (Lehman Hall) Common Room (2nd floor)
票價: 畢業生 免費, 會員 免費, 非會員 RSVP $5 No RSVP $8
RSVP (deadline 5/5 Wed): http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2NG2FVR

Hi Everyone,

The farewell/ end of the year party will be held on 5/8/10 (Sat) 6pm in the
Dudley House Common Room.
Regardless of whether you will be able to attend the party, we ask all
graduating students (spring, summer, or fall 2010) to kindly email their
Name (Chinese/English), Department, Degree, Picture (optional) to
jyang at fas.harvard.edu.
In addition, everyone is welcome to send pictures they would like to share
at the party to the same email address above.

HTROCSC will prepare delicious Taiwanese food at the party! After the
dinner, graduating students will introduce themselves and share some of
their reflections on their time at Harvard. We will also be open to comments
and suggestions for our past and future events. Lastly, we will provide a
karaoke machine (rented from MIT ROCSA, with songs up to 2009!) for everyone
to sing-along to say goodbye to our dear friends! Hope to see many of you

Time: 5/8/10 (Sat) 6pm-9:30pm
Location: Dudley House (Lehman Hall) Common Room (2nd floor)
Price: Graduating students- Free, Members- Free, Non-members- RSVP $5, No

RSVP (deadline 5/5 Wed): http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2NG2FVR

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