[HTROCSC-Ann.] Event: 5/8 送舊 Farewell/End of the Year Party

Joyce Yang jyang at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Apr 16 17:08:56 EDT 2010


先跟大家預告, 今年的送舊晚會將於 5/8/10 (週六) 6pm 在Dudley House Common Room 舉行. 今年有不少學生要畢業了
不論您是否能來參加送舊晚會 請今年的畢業生們都將中英文姓名, 系所/學位, (照片) 在下週日前 (4/25) 寄到
jyang at fas.harvard.edu
另外, 如果同學們有其他生活照想要分享的, 也請寄到以上的信箱. 謝謝你們!

Hi Everyone,

This year, the farewell/ end of the year party will be held on 5/8/10 (Sat)
6pm in the Dudley House Common Room.
Regardless of whether you will be able to attend the party, we ask all
graduating students to kindly email their Name (Chinese/English),
Department/Degree, Picture (optional) to jyang at fas.harvard.edu by next
Sunday (4/25).
In addition, everyone is welcome to send pictures they would like to share
at the party to the same email address above. Thank you and hope to see many
of you there!

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