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Dear All,

Thank you for attending our welcome party the past Saturday. Including
the membership fee and free donation. We have raised 1025 dollars for
ROC Red Cross Typhoon Morakot Donations. Again, we thank you for your
support. Our next event is this Saturday at 4pm. HIT - HTROCSC
Interdisciplinary Talk. The topic for this month is "tools for
biology." In addition to our event, I have included in this email,
events from other organizations. Please see below and attachments for
more information.

looking forward to seeing you this Saturday,

Sep 19 4pm - HIT Dudley House Common Room

Sep 17 - Babson College, Bentley University, Boston College, Brandeis
University, and Emerson College Taiwan Student

Sep 26 - 新英格蘭台灣同學聯合會 聯合迎新中秋茶會

Sep 26 台灣玉山科技協會年會
-volunteers needed

Sep. 27 - Tufts Community Day:
for families with young children

Oct 4 - 88水災賑災慈善演出


大家好, 這週末是HIT這學期的第一場演講: Tools for Biology
和上學期一樣, 我們將於這週六(9/19)下午4點在Dudley house 二樓的 Common Room 聚會. 歡迎大家來參加,

這週我們邀請鄭兆珉博士來分享他的研究. 鄭兆珉博士是Harvard Chemistry and Chemical
Biology的博士後研究員, 在Whitesides Research Group進行他的研究工作,
他將會深入淺出的為我們介紹他的研究主題: "Tools for Biology" 我們仍在徵求這學期的演講者,
如果你有意願在HIT分享自己的研究或旅行經驗, 請與我們聯絡,謝謝!

2. (with attachment)
2009年9月19日 (六) 上午10時30分, Babson College, Bentley University, Boston
College, Brandeis University, and Emerson College Taiwan Student
活動將在Natick Cochituate State Park舉行, 一個美麗的湖邊草畔,
同時帶您體驗美式BBQ, 還有各式小遊戲讓各位更加容易認識彼此.
交通: 統計人數後, 將由各校同學會自行協調
費用: $20 / 人 多退少不用補
如果方便的話, 煩請將此訊息也傳遞至貴會會員 請9月17日前利用以下網址回覆.

Contact person: 陳泰谷(Tai-Ku Chen)
Contact email: tchen3 at babson.edu
Contact phone: 617-999-4305

3. (with attachment)
內容: 新英格蘭台灣同學會將於茶會中設計輕鬆有趣的小遊戲,並同時提供豐富的獎品給各位參與者,其中包括塞爾提克隊籃球比賽的球票,Charles
時間: 2009年九月二十六號(星期六),下午兩點準時開時,五點結束。(一點半即開放入場)
地點: MIT Sidney-Pacific研究生宿舍70 Pacific Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
票價: RSVP 者US$10 ;    未RSVP者 US$12
報名方式:預約報名者請來信 ftsane at gmail.com 信中請註明報名人數,中文姓名,
英文姓名, 所屬學校或單位以及聯絡電話

4. (with attachment)
----- 從 Sophia Lee <sslee427 at gmail.com> 轉寄的郵件 -----
The 2009 MJNE annual meeting will be held on September 26. You are
cordially invited to this meeting. We have a wonderful afternoon
session of presentations featuring the discussion on "New Healthcare
Economy - Trend, Technologies, and Business Opportunities" followed by
a reception and dinner. The updated program is attached. In order for
us to estimate the number of attendees, please register as soon as
In addition, I would like to ask for your assistance on the day of the
event to help at the registration desk and to set up the meeting. MJNE
will offer free dinner tickets for the volunteers. This will be a nice
work experience. Also, it will be a good opportunity to meet various
professionals in different fields. Please let me know if anyone can

Look forward to seeing you on September 26.
Sophia Lee
President, MJNE

For families with young children
----- 從 Yi-wen Huang <ywhuang at fas.harvard.edu> 轉寄的郵件 -----
Dear parents:
There is a wonderful event on Sep. 27 held in Tufts University.
It's the Tufts Community Day.


We went there last year, and it's a great event for families with
young children. If you'd like to join us, let me know and we may be
able to meet up then.

Hope to see you!

6. (with attachment)
----- 從 N.E.A. Chinese Professional <2neacp at gmail.com> 轉寄的郵件 -----
「僑胞送溫情‧僑委會感謝您-中華民國文化訪問團」,將於10月4日晚7時,假John Hancock

Dear all,

This is the last call for your support of this event.  I still have
the following tickets($20 each) available:
G14,16. H14,16,18. J14,16,18. K14,16,18. L14,16,18.
Please reserve first, then make check payable to 中華民國紅十字會總會 and send
it to me at 29 Colonial Drive, Westford, MA 01886.
Thank you for your  support!

Charleen Cherng 李小玲
New England Association of Chinese Professionals
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