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Hi Everyone,

In addition to our Welcome Party next Saturday evening.
( 6pm, September 12 @ Dudley HouseCommon room)

There are other events that might interest you:

1. Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong Evangelistic Rallies of Boston Sep 10~12

Attached please find the information of Evangelistic Rally for your reference.
Please upload to Website or pass to students by email. Thank you.
His lecture is really good even though it contains Christian message.
We should not
overlook good and true part just because he is a Christian.

2. Monte Jade New England Science and Technology Association annual meeting

I would like to invite you to 2009 MJNE (Monte Jade New England
Science and Technology Association)annual meeting on September 26th at
MIT Faculty Club. The theme of this year's meeting is "New Healthcare
Economy - Trend, Technologies, and Business Opportunities".
Preliminary program of the meeting is attached. In addition, direction
to and parking at MIT Faculty Club is attached. If interested, please
register on line at www.mjne.org. It will be greatly appreciated if
registeration can be completed by September 20th so that we can have
an accurate count of the attendees for the afternoon conference and
for the dinner. I look forward to seeing you on September 26th.
I would also like to seek volunteers to help at the registration desk
on the day of event. MJNE will offer free dinner tickets for the
dinner following the afternoon conference for the volunteers. This
will be a nice work experience. Also, it will be a good opportunity to
meet various professionals in different fields. Please let me know if
anyone can help.

have a good long weekend,
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