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上週末與MIT ROCSA 合辦的的植物園郊遊很成功,如果你有照片想要跟大家分享,請寄到同學會信箱 (htrocsc at gmail.com)

五月份還有很多活動:5/16將是這個學年HIT- HTROCSC interdisciplinary talk 的最後一場、5/30送舊,歡迎大家踴躍參加。

最後,HTSA 跟HROCC 一起向Dudley House註冊為 HTROCSC
htrocsc at gmail.com)

祝大家 期末順利
佘孟儒 敬上

1) HIT
4pm, Saturday, May 16. Dudley House common room.
魚有思考能力嗎? 牠在想什麼? - Neroscience G3 黃國華
這是本學年度的最後一場分享,下學期有興趣跟大家經驗分享的同學請跟鐘楷閔連絡 (kmchung at fas.harvard.edu)

2) 送舊&端午
6pm, Saturday, May 30. Dudley House common room.
畢業的季節到了! 今年要離開Harvard 的同學麻煩跟我們連絡。(或是你知道今年要畢業的同學,也麻煩讓我們知道。)

3) 新生說明
六月二十日星期六下午一點 台北市南京東路二段六號12樓 大會議室
連絡 (msher at fas.harvard.edu)

Hi Everyone,

Last Sunday we had a fun trip to the Arnold Arboretum. If you have
pictures to share, please send them to htrocsc at gmail.com  We will put
pictures up on our website.
Furthermore, there are a couple more events in May. On May 16, there
is our monthely HIT- HTROCSC interdisciplinary talk. This will be the
last one for this school year. On May 30, we will hold our farewell
party. Please mark your calendars for these events.

Finally, HTROCSC would like to get some feedback from everyone. It
took us sometime to combine the resources of the two groups: HROCC and
HTSA; and HTROCSC has been running smoothly for a semester. We really
would like to hear some feedback from you regarding the new group’s
structure and so on. We are planning to have a discussion following
the farewell party on May 30. You can also express your opinions via
email (htrocsc at gmail.com).


Upcoming events
1) HIT
4pm, Saturday, May 16. Dudley House common room.
“What is fish thinking?” by Kuo-Hua Huang, G3 student in Neroscience.
This will be the last talk for this school year. If you would like to
present in the future, please contact Kai-Min
(kmchung at fas.harvard.edu)

2) Farewell party
6pm, Saturday, May 30. Dudley House common room.
It’s this time of the year! If you are graduating this year, please
let us know. (If you know people who are graduating this year, please
also tell us.) Our farewell party will combine with the Dragon Boat
Festival, thus featuring zongzi (rice dumplings) and other delicious
Taiwanese food. We are still working on our budget, and will try our
best to provide free food to everyone.
Following the farewell party, we will have a discussion on the current
status of HTROCSC. We would like to get some feedback about how to
make this group better.

3) New Student Orientation
1 pm, Saturday, June 20
台北市南京東路二段六號12樓 大會議室
Soon I will send out announcement about new student orientation in
Taiwan. If you will be in Taiwan on June 20, please come and meet
incoming students. Please email Renee (msher at fas.harvard.edu) if you
can come help out.
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